Review: Miserylab – ‘From Which No Light Escapes’

By on 9 February 2011


‘From Which No Light Escapes’

By all accounts Porl King’s (Ex-Rosetta Stone) Miserylab was a difficult project to birth. Originally started as a moniker for his remix and production work all, fell silent until 2005 when King finally resurfaced online after a few years shunning the web. Then there were studio relocation issues that held up the release of his debut EP ‘Vaporware’ for another two years. Four years down the line though, and there has been a steady stream of releases from the project that have made for interesting listening.

Miserylab isn’t an arty or pretentious project. There is a dominant vein of nostalgia running through each track that harks back to bands like Joy Division/New Order, Killing Joke and early Siouxsie And The Banshees. The opening track ‘Cut’ is a fine example of using new wave guitars, Joy Division style keyboards and driving them home with a danceable drum beat. ‘Downplay’ is another song that makes good use of a sombre tone coupled with an addictive rhythm section that gives a familiar sound a nice update. ‘Flags’ feels a little more upbeat with a more distinct riff to it and a sing-a-long chorus which adds a nice dose of club hit potential. With its strong synth lead and Killing Joke style guitar, ‘Fraud’ is also another strong contender for a dance floor hit. ‘Religion’ has an incendiary message beneath the groove, that makes for another sing-a-long track bordering on the anthemic. While bonus track ‘Dystopia’ rounds things off nicely as well, with its fast pace and multiple effects that hark back to the early ’90s.

‘From Which No Light Escapes’ is unapologetically nostalgic, but King’s skill as a producer keeps the whole affair sounding very fresh and, as a result, very appealing. There is a lot of familiarity to be found here, which can polarise opinions to a degree; but you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that wouldn’t dance to it.







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