Review: Lord Of The Lost – ‘Die Tomorrow’

By on 20 September 2012

‘Die Tomorrow’

After the somewhat unfocussed foray into concept album territory with 2011’s ‘Antagony’, Germany’s Lord Of The Lost return to the more straightforward and unapologetically catchy formula that marked them out from the crowd on their début album. Yes, musically and performance wise ‘Antagony’ was a big progression for the band, but at times it felt like it lacked the excitement of its predecessor. Thankfully though the band’s third album, ‘Die Tomorrow’, strikes a better balance.

Musically the band still sound pretty diverse with elements of death metal, electro-industrial, goth rock and pop hooks all vying for control. But, as hinted on their precursory EP ‘Beside & Beyond’ earlier in the year, the band’s attention feels more focussed and assertive. As a result there are a hell of a lot of strong offerings on ‘Die Tomorrow’ that balance an unexpected danceable groove with the balls-the-wall heaviness that has seen them comfortably appeal to audiences at festivals like Wacken.
‘Live Today’, ‘Die Tomorrow’ and ‘Black Lolita’ kick things off in a big way with their compelling blend of bigg riffs, catchy melodies and sing-a-long choruses. The middle of the album is hinged on some big numbers in the form of the Deathstars-esque ‘Shut Up When You’re Talking To Me’ and the HIM-baiting anthemic ‘Heart For Sale’ and ‘From Venus To Mars’. The final number ‘Credo’ is unashamedly written for future encores as the big finishing number and, despite it’s cheesy chorus, is actually quite a fitting way to end the album.

The band don’t always hit the nail squarely on the head though as there are the odd songs that just sound like space fillers and kind of derail the momentum of the album. However it is evident that as a unit and as musicians they are continuing to grow and craft Lord Of The Lost into a force to be reckoned with.



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