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By on 16 March 2012

Lord of the Lost
‘Beside and Beyond’
Out of Line

Their debut offering, ‘Fears’, was a mighty fine Gothic-Metal crossover.  In the vain of bands like HIM or The Rasmus but with a lot more balls about it and a slight twist of glam.  The follow-up, ‘Antagony’ probably swung a little bit further into the Metal territory, which didn’t really suit them as well.

‘Beside and Beyond’ is thankfully a nod towards the early end of their career and continues things in that direction.

The EP opens with ‘Beyond Beautiful’, a bittersweet love ballad gushing about the attractiveness of a non-specific female but you feel there’s a constant underlying twist about the whole thing.   They do well not to draw it out too long and it sits nicely as a strong opening track.

For many long-term fans the next track is one of the most requested and sought after.  They’ve been playing a cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ in their live sets for several years and many fans have requested a recorded version.  Here it is.  ‘Bad Romance’ is an excellent pop song and LOTL have stomped all over it with huge platforms and screaming guitars.  They’ve done it a credit.  Possibly the best Gaga cover ever.

An acoustic version of one of their better known songs, ‘Dry the Rain’ follows up nicely and it sets up a run of mellow tracks and reworkings.

‘Love is not Enough’ and ‘Sooner or Later’ are amongst those reworked for the EP – both mellowed and smoothed out a bit to make the EP more digestible to many who may have previously found the band too heavy or abrasive.

Normally EP’s like this don’t seem value for money but there’s something about the majestic of things here that makes it seem like you’re getting more than a bunch of tracks you already own.   The first two tracks are more than worth owning and everything else is an added bonus.


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