Review : Lebanon Hanover – ‘The World is Getting Colder’

By on 12 April 2012

Lebanon Hanover
‘The World is Getting Colder’
Fabrika Records

With cold-wave sounds that are common in the French underground and massive influences of early bands like Xmal Deutschland, you would be forgiven for thinking that the band formed in some cave on the mainland in 1982.

In fact, they formed in North-East England in 2010 (although, they do now reside in Berlin).

With deep chasms of bass lines, slow moody tempos and howling atmospheres they recapture all the essence of a movement they weren’t part of – neither member was born until the late 80s.

A bleak combination of slow bass-lines, chilling guitars and moody drums, in almost minimalist perfection, accompany the echoing vocals throughout this harrowing release.

‘Die World’ might sound a touch ‘Bela Lagosi’s Dead’ and ‘Einhorn’ may be a bit Sisters-circa-83, but the fact that they wear their influences on their sleeves should not detract from the enthralling and imaginative tracks present on this album.

Stand out tracks like ‘Totally Tot’ are brimming with irony and final track ‘Sunderland’ is as surreal as the city it’s named after.

Perhaps the best UK band you didn’t know existed.


Kevin Morris

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