Review: Lahannya – ‘Dystopia’

By on 1 August 2012

Now on their third album British band Lahannya continue to persevere independently,  releasing ‘Dystopia’ through their own label ‘Kabuki’. Billed as the third part of a story about futuristic Britain, struggling against a ‘big brother’ society, the 12 tracks centre around betrayal and collapsing ideals.

With metal riffs, backing violins and female vocalist the gothic-metal formula is very much present. While well produced the layering of guitars over classical instruments is not given anything new and as such sounds much like most of the music in this genre. There are, however, a few tracks which stand out in their composition.

‘Never Enough’ builds from a marching drum to a running, catchy riff and electro touches while showcasing Lahannya’s voice at it’s best. Synths also give an edge to ‘Only Time Will Tell’ but could have been used much more to give a bit of variety to the album. ‘Out Of Time’ breaks away from the usual with a different beat but the overall sound is still well entrenched in the gothic metal camp. Final track ‘Army Of Freaks’ starts well with an electro intro, but soon reverts to the familiar chugging guitars.

While the London four-piece are a dedicated and hardworking band ‘Dystopia’ is unlikely to convert many new fans and by treading the fine line between ‘gothic metal’ and ‘Evanescence’ existing fans may dismiss it out of hand as having nothing new to offer.

Lenore [3/5]

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