Review: Joy Disaster – ‘Sickness’

By on 30 May 2012


Joy Disaster are part of the post-punk revival and unashamedly pinpoint one of their biggest influences with their not so subtle name. When album opener, ‘Shining Monday’ echoes the opening strums of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ you may wonder if you’re in for fifty minutes of Joy Division rip-offs. Fortunately ‘Shining…’ comes into its own with the baritone vocals of Nico and heavy guitars. It’s at this point that Joy Disaster set the tone for the album with a sound more akin to Editors and Interpol than the masters of old. The start has promise but it is ultimately unfulfilled.

Whilst ‘Sickness’ is radio friendly, undeniably catchy and harmless fun it doesn’t really break any new ground nor add the ‘wow’ factor that O Children did with their debut a couple of years back. Playing it safe and refusing to innovate may get Joy Disaster new listeners, but it won’t get them any life-long fans. This is Joy Disaster’s fourth studio album now, hopefully the fifth will step outside the box with something a little less generic.


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