Review: I:SCINTILLA – ‘Marrow 1’

By on 17 October 2012


Sometimes bands feel the need to break away from the norm and shake their sound up. Sometimes it can mean moving in an entirely new direction over the course of an album, or a little flirt with an experimental EP. Thankfully I:Scintilla have chosen to go for the experimental EP rather than to potentially alienate their core fan-base.

On ‘Marrow1’ the band remove all the heavy electronic and rock elements of their sound and opt instead for a completely acoustic approach. A brave choice for a lot of bands, but particularly one so tied to the electronic scene. Obviously touring with Lacuna Coil – who like to indulge themselves in the odd all acoustic gig – has rubbed off on the band, and what we get essentially sounds like an acoustic Lacuna Coil.
The brand new song ‘Drag Along’ is fairly sedate and unimpressive in its slow, plodding pace. Things pick up though on track two with a cover of Devos ‘Girl U Want’ which features some nice vocal effects to give the song more depth. The mood changes to something more sinister on the reworked version of ‘Ammunition’ which feels a lot more complete than the shaky opener. Although there is nothing technically wrong with it, compared to the IAMX original this version of ‘Spit It Out’ just feels flat and rather listless. The final song is another reworking of an I:Scintilla original in the form of ‘The Shake’ which should work with its intimate and confessional atmosphere, but again just doesn’t quite click.

Ultimately this is very much for the fans, and may yet be the first step towards some genuinely interesting material in the future. However, ‘Marrow 1’ is very hit and miss. When it works, it works well, but when it doesn’t it fades into the background.



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