Review: First Aid 4 Souls – ‘Fountain Of Joy – Selected Electro Works Vol. 3’

By on 18 July 2012

‘Fountain Of Joy – Selected Electro Works Vol. 3’

‘Fountain Of Joy’ is the third part of First Aid 4 Souls’ ‘Selected ElectroWorks’ series. Each release in the series is a compilation of early songs that follows a theme, in this case it is a more ambient approach to their electro-industrial formula.

István Gazdag and his cohorts have been slogging away in the former eastern block for a number of years now, and this series really highlights just what the rest of Europe has been missing. For one project to have such an eclectic sound may be seen as a scatter-shot approach, it has created a wealth of interesting experiments that the band can continually draw upon.
As with the previous two instalments, the songs go back a few years so the approaches and recording styles do differ across the fifteen tracks. Yet the album has been carefully arranged and mastered so that is does still feel like an album, rather than a combination.
The album is subtle and engaging but still very relaxing. The overall sound is one that maintains a balance between the ambient atmospheres of Enigma and the beat driven, ethnic infused style of Juno Reactor with songs like ‘Homeland’, ‘Okinha’, ‘Ibn Battuta’, ‘Tunisian Rose’ and ‘Heaveh’ being particular highlights.

First Aid 4 Souls prove that they are a band for eclectic electro bands here. They keep one foot in their dance orientated comfort zone, yet they freely wander abroad in different styles and genres in order to create something more unique.



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