Review: Death Party UK – ‘The Red On Black EP’

By on 11 October 2012

‘The Red On Black EP’

Although Arcane Winter might be his main post-midnight configuration priority, Trevor Bamford’s satanic country project Death Party UK is still a satisfying listen with its mix of delta blues, country and western and bluegrass with a dark satanic edge.

‘The Red On Black EP’ follows on from ‘The Black Train EP’ released earlier in the year and is along the same kind of tracks stylistically with big nods towards Johnny Cash The Gun Club, The Cramps, Neil Young, and Captain Beefheart. Where this EP differs is that Bamford feels a lot more playful with the formula. The songs ‘A Lady In Black’, ‘A Lucifer In Red’ and ‘Across The World’, despite their toe-tapping place and catchy guitar work, do however feel a bit tame and safe. On the other hand ‘Chasing The Moon’, the cover of ‘Ghost Riders’, ‘Spirit Dance’, and ‘The Shallow Streams Of Summer’ shake things up a lot more to provide some very strong and compelling moments.
Also the production has improved a bit more this time round with the tinny edge that dogged the drums on the previous EP not being too much of an issue here, although compared to his Midnight Configuration and Arcane Winter work this still feel quite rough.

This project is going to be a case of love it or hate it for most people, but what is obvious is that Death Party UK is a labour of love for Bamford which gives it an undeniable charm.



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