Review: Darkc3ll – ‘Reeboot:Repeat’

By on 14 March 2012


Australia’s Darkc3ll are a band with global dominance in mind. Having already shared a stage with numerous big-name acts such as Combichrist, Wednesday 13 and Genitorturers they have prepared their native soil for their first aural assault.

And what an assault it is. The band blend industrial and metal in the ‘ultra-heavy’ vein of Static-X, Dope Stars Inc., and Rob Zombie but add a touch of aggrotech menace to the mix for an altogether violent approach.
Songs like ‘Hate Anthem’, ‘I Lost My Mind (In America)’ and ‘FTW’ seethe with the kind of harsh beats, filthy guitar riffs and grating synth melodies that could make them international players. The album is, in that respect, unrelenting and subjects the listener to a tirade of catchy angst. There is no room for throwaway ballads or radio-friendly unit shifters which is why, as good as they are, they probably won’t reach the heights of the likes of their musical forefathers who played the corporate game in the late 90s.
The production style also mirrors this quite well with a clean and loud mix throughout that amazingly doesn’t manage to fall pray to the immense amount of distortion on each instrument.

With a statement of intent such as this the band can be ensured of world-wide notoriety, especially if they can make their way out of the land down-under and up to Europe and the USA.



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