Review: Cryogenic Echelon – ‘Antipode’

By on 4 October 2012


Another refugee of the now sadly defunct Crunch Pod label, has thankfully found a new home. Australian electronic maestro Gerry Hawkins, AKA Cryogenic Echelon, marks his début on new label CRL Studios in a big way. ‘Antipode’ is quite simply a massive album, crammed full of innovative and addictive style blends as well as some great collaborative efforts with the likes of Studio-X, AJ Afterparty, Project 2 and Sleepless.

The first thing that is apparent is that this album feels very “of the moment”, taking influences from electronic genres both mainstream and underground, much like former label mates Uberbyte, ‘Antipode’ sounds fresh and defies categorization. This can be heard to great effect in songs like ‘I’m Famous’ with it’s dubstep bass and tongue-in-cheek vocal sample. That thought may have a few “purists” recoiling in horror, but this album is all dance floor orientated with songs like ‘The Red Serpent’, ‘Substance D’, ‘Blackout’, ‘The Grey’ and ‘Demigod’ all providing some fantastic, driving anthems that most will find hard to resist.
What is interesting to note is that although the album features the customary bonus remixes on the end, they actually come before the album’s outro. Usually a band would bookend the main tracklist in order to keep the remixes separate, but this isn’t the case. Whether it works or not is completely subjective, but it does add some prominence to the remixes.

This is a very strong sophomore effort from Hawkins that should quite rightly attract a wide array of listeners. With a total of twenty-one tracks it may be a little too much for the casual listener to take in, but you can’t argue that the man isn’t giving his audience their money’s worth.



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