Review: Caustic – ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Stop’

By on 10 October 2012

‘The Man Who Couldn’t Stop’

After years of building up his underground industrial credentials Matt Fanale’s last Caustic album ‘The Golden Vagina Of Fame And Profit’ was an unexpected yet welcome breakout in 2011. Fast forward one year and one very successful Kickstarter campaign later Matt has returned with his newest offering in the form of the eighteen-track, ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Stop’, which is loosely based on the James Joyce novel Ulysses.

While ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Stop’ carries on the club-friendly vein of its predecessor through songs such as ‘Bleed You Out (feat. Android Lust)’, ‘Bury You Alive’, ‘Graver Guru’ and ‘Collide With Me’ there is a more multi-faceted feel in terms of the lyrical, stylistic and thematic palette this time around. Matt strains a variety of genres through his jizzcore filter to create some truly interesting works, whether it is the digital hardcore of ‘Failing At The School Of Life’, the dark trip-hop of ‘Ghost Like Swayze (iVardensphere vs Caustic)’ or even the neo-classical strains of ‘Fin (Again) Begin (Again)’. More importantly though, despite all these different experiments and individual styles coming through ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Stop’ still feels like a complete album.
It is obvious that since the big push that was ‘The Golden Vagina…’, with it’s leaps forward in song writing and production quality, that Matt has not succumbed to the temptation of resting on his laurels. Instead he has continued to challenge himself and has once again succeeded to produce one of the highest quality releases of the year that both met and indeed exceeded expectations.

Again this album feels like it is punching well above its weight and still winning. Despite the lengthy, CD-filling track list it vehemently keeps the listeners interest through every song. Quite simply, this is a must-have album.



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