CD Review : The Birthday Massacre – Hide and Seek

By on 19 September 2012

The Birthday Massacre
‘Hide and Seek’
Metropolis Records

It’s a common conundrum.    Some bands get slated for being too different between releases; some get slated for staying the same.

It all really depends on the quality of the output what bands can and can’t “get away with”.

This, the 4th full length album from the Toronto six-piece is mostly harmless and inoffensive.   Then again, most of their previous work has been harmless and inoffensive, but then it was also catchy and irresistible, lush melodies and great hooks.

‘Hide and Seek’…well… less so.

They’ve always retained the 80s synth-pop influences, with a modern twist of sharp guitars and cutting technology.  Condemning bands for making pop-music is pretty moot, “Oh man, you’ve written a song that people *like* and sing along to, you’re such a sell-out”, but then you’ve got to do something good to be forgiven for.

Where TBM go wrong on ‘Hide and Seek’ is that it sounds like a dark-pop record, but, well, isn’t…. it doesn’t have the catchy hooks or tracks you’ll be humming in the shower or singing in the supermarket (or vice versa…).

So the big crime here is that it’s a forgettable album.   Turn it off and try to sing the song you’ve just heard 20 minutes ago…. It shouldn’t be as tricky as it is to do.

So there you go, the new The Birthday Massacre album, pop-music but without any of the redeeming features of pop music.  Disappointing.

The issue is not that it sounds like everything else they’ve done, but that it sounds like a poor version of everything else they’ve done.


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