CD Review : Oomph! – Des Wahnsinns fette Beute

By on 23 May 2012

Des Wahnsinns fette Beute

‘Zwei Schritte Vor’ single (reviewed last week) offered a lot of promise to the return of Oomph!  Des Wahnsinns fette Beute [this is a saying in Germany for something that is a bit nuts or crazy, it doesn’t translate well into English] is the long awaited 11th Studio album from the Wolfsburg trio, their last album ‘Monster’ was possibly their best to date – so a lot of promise on this one…

Is there a German word for ‘anti-climax’?

Let’s disregard the single/B-Side as we reviewed those last week.   Take those out and there is virtually nothing left.

Oomph! were a key catalyst in the whole NDH movement, a big influence on acts like Rammstein, but this is not a release of the standard you would expect from them.  Tracks are bland, forgettable, lack impact and any glimmers burn brightly but then fade away quickly.

They did cover ‘Small Town Boy’ and make it German, ‘Kleinstadtboy’ – there are probably better covers out there, there are definitely worse.  This is competent enough, some slabs of guitars and some electro tinkles but doesn’t really ease the disappointment of this album.

After 23 years in the industry, it may be they’ve reached that sad point where their best years are behind them.


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