Album Review : Vendemmian – ‘One In A Million’

By on 13 April 2011

‘One In A Million’

Things have been looking pretty bright for Vendemmian since their 2008 reformation.  Their comeback album, ‘One More Time’, was a real hard-hitting signal of intent and many of their gigs have been relatively high profile – including festivals in Germany, Austria and York.  It’s understandable that there would be an air of expectancy about a potential follow-up album and ‘One in a Million’ doesn’t always live up to these.

Opening track ‘One in a Million’ is an extremely bad advert for the album, dreary and repetitive while being a tad too “actually, should we become The Mission?”

After that, the album often threatens to get exciting, ‘Hollow Inside’ starts with a promising rumble, and hits up to a crashing chorus – but while the gears are turning, it never really hits you as hard as it should.

“I’m Falling” also has a chorus which has you doing that spidery-snakey-changing-the-lightbulb dance with your hands, but lacks enough ingredients to make it the classic it could be.

This becomes a common story throughout the album; there are tracks that would pass as fillers, but no real meaty tracks to bait you in.

It’s not really a bad album; it’s just not an album that ever really gets going, neither challenging nor inspiring.  The main disappointment is that ‘One More Time’ was a strong contender for ‘Album of 2008’ and they’ve fallen well short of the bar they’ve set, slipping to become another-Goth-band-by-numbers rather than being a key stand-out act of the scene, which we know they’re capable of.

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