Album Review : She Wants Revenge – Valleyheart

By on 8 July 2011


After a 4 year gap, She Wants Revenge are back with new album ‘Valleyheart’. Last time around there was a bit hummin’ and harrin’ in some sections of the Gothic Scene as of whether SWR were “acceptable” or something – although given the warm reception the scene has given the likes of O Children and Ulterior perhaps the scene will be more warming to SWR this time around.

Opening track ‘Take the World’ opens with grandeur akin to The Editors, the track starting with an electronic tinkle and then building up as the intro builds up.  The vocal range is rather similar to that of Ian Curtis and comparisons are inevitable, but inaccurate.

Amongst the dark-rock influences there are also clearly electronic influences in this track and the rest of the album.  So, not so much Joy Division, more New Order then…

‘Kiss Me’ is addictive, but terribly cheesy – and this is pretty much the summary of the album.  It’s a mix between Editors style dark-indie-stadium-rock pomp… and cheese.

Still, it does stand up well amongst its peers.  The duo have a swagger and songs to back it up.  Also, they’ve previously said that they’re not Dark Wave, but are in fact “dancey rock n roll” hmm… there’s another famous scene band tries that one also…



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