Album review: Dyonisis – Intoxicated

By on 26 August 2010

Having played with the likes of The Birthday Massacre, Lahannya, Inkubus Sukkubus and Rhombus and graced the stages of both Whitby and Gotham Sheffield four-piece Dyonisis have been ready to step up a level for a while now.  On ‘Intoxicated’, their second full length release they achieve this.

The album floats from the speakers, mixing moments of relaxed splendour with highly melodic passages.  This voyage of discovery involves a less bombastic approach than on previous outings, allowing the listener to lose themselves within the music.  The ethereal vocals from Nel sparkle with an understated folk-like charm while Marcus lays down some pulsating bass lines, which really hold this wonderfully undisturbed mix together.

The prominence of the bass sound recalls the likes of The Eden House, as do the dramatic soundscapes which can be heard on the epic ‘Eve’s song’.  If ‘Arachne’s song’ and album closer ‘Lunatic’ both have a tranquil vibe which would sit perfectly in the chill out room of somewhere like Club AntiChrist then ‘Of the fear’ and ‘Inside out’ have a more direct feel, lending themselves to play lists around the world.

This album is a fine addition to the goth/dark-alt world, showcasing another level of talent and imagination we all knew Dyonisis had all along.


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