Halloween Costumes: Top Five Gents

By on 27 October 2010

If, like me, you leave your outfit planning to the last minute when it comes to fancy dress this list is for you. These costumes are designed to be made from items most Goth ladies and gents will already have or can easily accquire from charity shops or friends! Top Five ‘all I have is a suit’ for fellas and Top Five ‘what can I do with a corset and skirt’ for ladies to follow…

1. Beetlejuice. Easier than you think as a pinstripe suit will go far, even if it is not the wide pinstripe that is in the movie. Back comb your hair and cover in talcum powder, doesn’t matter if you get some on the suit either. Long black tie, white shirt and black boots, white face and big black smudgy eyes. Basic costume done. To make it definitely Beetlejuice the pinstripe has to be the right kind of course but a black suit and white tape can soon make one (told you this was a last minute costume) adhesive bandage shouldn’t damage the fabric when it’s removed at the end of the night. A bit of green hair spray helps and perhaps some rubber bugs to keep in your pockets and if you have time make a fake book cover for a ‘Handbook for the Recently Deceased’.

2. Jack Skellington. A very easy one as every fella should have a black pinstripe suit. white out your face, put big black eye make-up around the sockets of your eyes (up to your eyebrows) and paint his smile from cheek to cheek, slightly wonky with lines for teeth. The make-up is the essential part to Jack’s look. Then make a big bat bow-tie out of black cardboard and safety pin to your white shirt collar, highlight the feature sin silver pen (or Tippex). Simple! All you need then is a Sally ragdoll to take with you, failing that get a pumpkin or Christmas ornament or snow flake to pose with.

3. Edward Scissorhands. Okay, a little trickier here and you will need some more time than the others. Again get your black suit trousers out and a black shirt and back comb your hair Robert Smith style. White out your face, including lips, and add some ‘scratches’ with a pink make-up pencil (a ladies lip liner will do). Now for the essential ‘scissors’ and I have seen this work very effectively. You will need some cheap tin foil, three plastic thin coathangers and a pair of black gloves. Remove the hooks from the hangers and break them in half, removing the thick middle part where the hook went in so you have two even halves. Wrap in tin foil and push each ‘scissor’ through a small hole cut in the black gloves between the fingers. I think my friend tried to attach them with sticky tape but a glue gun is much more effective. Short coat hang ‘fingers’ will be much more stable and not interfere with drinking too much. If you have some belts and buckles these could be added to the shirt or alternatively dress as the ‘trendy variant’ Edward and go in trousers, white shirt and braces. Lovely.

4. The Penguin. From Batman, not an actual penguin. A tail coat is desireable for this and a top hat is essential – if you have no tail coat just a waist coat over your suit shirt should do – and a bow tie or cravat. Add a monacle (for retro value), an umbrella, a cigarette holder and stitch the fingers of a pair of gloves together and tadaa! You are Batman’s fish-loving nemesis. Most of the accessories can be bought from fancy dress or joke shops quite cheaply. No make-up required really, just slick your hair down and stick a mackeral in your pocket! It is the umbrella and hat that make this outfit stand out, that and the cackle. Waa Waa Waa!

5. Dracula. No not the red-lined cape ‘I vant to suck your bloood’ kind, I’m talking Gary Oldman, lilac tinted specs, well turned out, drool over your absinthe kind. I have no cheap way to do this I’m just suggesting someone dress up as him and send me a photo really…please? Get out your Victoriana and some purple glasses (hippy shops still sell these Lennon type round frames) graba cane and talk with a soft, deep East European accent. You’ll be keeping them off with a stick.

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