Live review: Cold in Berlin headline show New Blood Festival

By on 1 March 2012

Cold in Berlin
Fever Fever

24th January 2012
Hoxton Bar and Grill, London

Cold in Berlin are performing tonight as part of the Artrocker New Blood Festival Festival series of gigs. Artrocker is a collective involved in music promotion and publishing, associated with the scene which has sprung up around Hoxton/Shoreditch over the past few years. A number of the acts promoted by the Artrocker crew cross-over with goth-interests due to numerous shared influences, such as Bauhaus, The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Despite this the Hoxton ‘goth’ scene is a case of divergent evolution and is detached from the London goth scene, which evolved in The Batcave and Slimelight. For these black skinny jeans wearing kids Hoxton and Dalston are their Camden and Angel. The majority of cross-over sounds emerging from trendy Hoxton venues, are not fresh to the ears of someone brought up on 80’s goth, however there are gems to be found, and this is what draws Dominion to the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen tonight.

First on are Fever Fever who I can best describe as indie-punk. Two girls with guitars, who give a very tight performance punctuated with entertaining banter verging on stand-up. Pretty impressive for an opening act.

Purson look and sound as if they have been transported directly from the mid-70s; even down to the vocalists lack of supporting undergarments… I am sure I have seen similar looking bands in my dad’s record collection. Vocalist Rosalie (previously of Ipso Facto) has an impressive voice which keeps my interest despite the rather dated sounding music. They do what they do very well and I am reminded of Deep Purple. They describe themselves as gothic psychedelia. To my ears the most gothic thing about them are Rosalie’s vocals and dark hair. Again a top quality act but unsure where they fit into the realm of ‘gothic’.

Headliners tonight are Artrocker favourites Cold in Berlin. Debut album ‘Give Me Walls’ was awarded the accolade of Artrocker’s Album of the year. They have already crossed over into the ‘other’ London Goth scene what with playing the last ever Gotham all-dayer in 2011.

Initial comparisons which come to mind include Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Siouxsie and X-Ray Spex – that would be punky-indie with a goth slant. My is quite a front woman, which comes as more of a surprise due to her unassuming appearance (she is tucked away in band promo photos suggesting coyness). Instead My, pogoing throughout, was on and off the stage, utilizing the entire room like a woman possessed. She commanded the attention of all and in your face. A driving infectious beat got me bouncing along, which is rare for me and new bands. The set ends as suddenly as it began – My simply walks off, leaving the crowd looking a little stunned. To be honest it is difficult to give this performance the review it deserves in any words besides those which follow: Cold in Berlin MUST be seen live.

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