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By on 15 March 2011

Somewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow)

Somewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow) is the new release from You Shriek, the band from Boston, MA, fronted by Raziel Panic. Founded in 1990 by Panic, their sound is heavily influenced by 80s 4AD releases, Goth, New Romantic and Industrial sounds. Somewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow) is their third full length studio album, previous albums being ‘Burn Something Dear’ (1996) and ‘Unreal Cities’ (2003). Other recordings are ‘Suicide Note’ (1991) and the ‘Grim’ EP (1994).

You Shriek are an intense, artistically driven and enigmatic band that consist of, along with Raziel Panic, John Oleary, guitar and synthesisers and Skot Kremen, bass and synthesisers. The Spies On  Zero Zero Island project was a series of video podcasts that the band released from their Zero Zero Island studio that was set up to issue self-releases after Mere Mortal Productions ceased operations. The resulting album was ‘Unreal Cities’ in 2003. You Shriek had assembled enough music for their third album but due to personal comittments that album was never recorded.

In the intervening years they released the video podcasts of their time in their studio. These podcasts came about because Raziel had asked the rhetorical question ‘what is the value in what I make?’ and the resulting podcsts are an intense documentation of how their music is made and recorded, how they explore the concepts, their tools and the various methods for making songs.

‘Somewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow)’  is made up of songs whose origins are from music written as demos during the last decade, the core of which are the tracks that were destined to be recorded back in late 2006, that original third album.  This is a cross-genre ”masterpiece”, with moods ranging from ”sombre and contemplative to ecstatic dance-floor delirium, and textures from synthetic noise to swathes of lush guitar”. Raziel says that he needed to shelve the current songs that he was writing and go back to this music ‘to resolve these unfinished ideas and make them modern’ whilst going back to a previous era. The album is released with a free download of ‘Music From The Caesium Fallout Series’ EP or you can get the  EP as a limited edition 12″ vinyl version in a special jacket. Or, if you want to watch it instead, it can be viewed with the performance videos of the original version from the ‘Spies On Zero Zero Island’ video podcast.

You Shriek released ‘Lilith In Libra’ and ‘No Heroes’ as pre-release promo downloads to much acclaim, Cellmod have done a remix of ‘Goodbye Berlin’, but if you’re an Xbox 360 Rock Band player, ‘No Heroes’ and ‘Lilith In Libra’ are in the Rock Band Network. The band have previously had two notable successes with the club clssics ‘New Romantic Circuitry’ and ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ and have played with Wolfsheim, KMFDM, the Cruxshadows, Bella Morte, Assemblage 23 and Funker Vogt as well as playing at such festivals as Black Sun and Convergance.

Pre-sales are available now but if you want to have a listen prior to the May 17 release date go to You Shriek’s official site. Dominion Magazine will have a review of  ‘Somewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow)’ in issue 10, available for sale at the end of April.

Read Michael Wilson’s indepth interview with Raziel Panic HERE You can really find out what makes Raziel tick.

‘Goodbye Berlin’, Cellmod remix, free download HERE

Official Site: You Shriek HERE

You Shriek on Facebook HERE

Spies On Zero Zero Island podcast HERE You Shriek HERE

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