Whitby Goth Weekend April 2010

By on 28 April 2010

Since the whole thing started in 1994 with a pub full of like-minded people, Whitby Goth Weekend has expanded to a twice yearly event attracting visitors from across the globe packing the small seaside town with 1,000’s of black clad music lovers. This year’s April event (the other held in October near Halloween, naturally) was to be my second WGW and my focus was on the alternative side of proceedings.

The large Spa Pavilion hosts the main attractions – the big bands, the markets etc – but Whitby was brimming with other gothic offerings too. Friday night saw the popular Shambles venue host ‘The Other Side’, a combination of live music, DJ’s and burlesque dancers and, considering the usual lure of the Spa, was very busy indeed. Tongue in cheek ebm band Mandro1d made the stereotypically serious crowd want to die laughing and, after the tassel twirling beauties had flinged their last thong, the DJ’s had everyone dancing (like they’d been drinking all day) until they were all kicked out at 3am.

Saturday saw people shopping not only in the specially set-up market stalls in venues across town, but also in the various alternative shops Whitby houses all year round, although queues could be seen outside the more popular vendors as space was limited! Non-alternative (or ‘normal’) shops had also tailored their window displays to make the most of the batty crowd, as everyone from Oxfam to interior design shops put out cobwebs and top hats. Pints in the Little Angel were called for to refresh weary browsers and anyone who was awake at opening time.

In the evening it seemed the place to be was The Resolution hotel as by 9pm it was packed and didn’t seem to quieten down until long after midnight. Industrial goth band Pro-jekt were playing live (recommended by fellow goth band Uninvited Guest who had played WGW the year before) and were showing off some new members and some new material which went down a storm. The lead singer did a bit of showing off too and climbed on the bar for a song, anxiously looked on by his wife (and me, I was standing underneath him). When the band had finished their encore it was time to head upstairs for Darklands club night which, while normally based in York, had relocated to a function room in the Whitby hotel. After too much dancing and an incident involving back-combed hair-sprayed hair and a candle we called it a night (at well past 2am).

Sunday, for those still alive with a functioning liver, it was time for a decent meal, a walk (and a pose) along the promenade and some more drinking. The evening, despite being a Sunday, had a lot to offer with five different nights going on across the otherwise sleepy town. Deviational Media‘s 80’s night was where I ended up, in the teentastic Laughtons club, dancing (and sweating) to tunes I had not heard for a long time. A few Jack and cokes and topless blokes (see what I did there?) later it was bed time. Thankfully. Many stayed on for the Monday night celebrations (some until Wednesday) but for me it was home time where I would scour the internet for pictures of myself taken by the many gothbotherers and plan my re-visit in October.

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