Tweaker Releases New Album ‘Call The Time Eternity’

By on 12 September 2012

Electro industrial project tweaker has returned after an eight year hiatus with new material. Founder Chris Vrenna plans to release the third tweaker album ‘Call The Time Eternity’ on 23rd October through Metropolis Records. This newest release sees him partner up with programmer and guitarist Jesse Hall to produce his first material after quitting playing drums for Marilyn Manson last Autumn. Vrenna began tweaker after leaving Nine Inch Nails in the mid-nineties.

Fans can expect the usual blend of melancholy instrumentals and guest vocalists mixed with industrial punctuation, as well as a cover track. Previous guests have included Robert Smith and David Sylvian. The unusual decision to cover Phil Collins’ ‘I don’t care anymore’ is explained by Vrenna – “I especially loved the darkness and sadness he (Collins) explored lyrically in his solo records. While working on tweaker, ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’ began haunting me. For a few weeks every time I got in the car, it came on the radio. It happened so many times that I took it as a sign.”

Since the last album ‘2a.m. wake-up call’, Vrenna has been too busy with other commitments to concentrate on his own work but now, after other parts of his life have come to a close, he has had the time to devote to his “passion project”. “ “I have gone through several serious losses or ‘goodbyes’ over the last several years” says Vrenna “the passing of my father, a bitter divorce, leaving Manson. And my close friends have all had similar experiences. Whether positive or negative, good or bad, happy or sad, final ‘goodbyes’ are always difficult and bring up many conflicting emotions. call the time eternity explores all of those things.”

The album is comprised of eleven tracks and features appearances by Jessicka Adams (formerly Jack Off Jill), Collide’s KaRIN and Abhorrent Derelict and is available for pre-order now.


Track listing –

Nothing At all
A Bit Longer Than Usual
Areas Of The Brain
Hoarding Granules
Getting Through Many A Bad Night
This Is Ridiculous
I Don’t Care Anymore
Wasted Time

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