Tim Burton’s New Monster Movie?

By on 14 June 2010

Tim Burton

Tim Burton has always loved monster movies and animation, growing up watching films like ‘Godzilla’ and ‘King Kong’ to the original ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ shaped his own film making, and now it seems he will be able to make a monster movie of his own – albeit on a miniature scale.

It is rumoured that his next project might be a movie version of the tabletop game ‘Monsterpocalypse’, where players build city scapes on game maps and fight other players’ monsters while destroying buidlings. Sounds just right for B-Movie fan Burton. The figure pieces have become very collectable and even a comic book based on the characters is in publication but regarding the film nothing is set in stone as yet. Dreamworks studio has yet to confirm the ‘Batman’ director but if he does agree it would mean working with writer John August once again.

August and Burton have worked on a number of films before, including ‘Big Fish’ and ‘Corpse Bride’ so the pairing would almost certainly be a success. It does mean, however, that Burtons’ current project, ‘Dark Shadows’ with studio giants Warner Bros, might be delayed, which Warners would find problematic. He plans to make a film of the cult 60’s TV show of the same name and in a style typical of the Californian director, the content is gothic tinged with zombies, werewolves and vampires, one of which best friend and actor Johnny Depp is hoped to play. If Depp has time from filming the fourth installment of Disney epic ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ that is.

If that wasn’t enough, Burton and August already have a feature length version of his second ever short film ‘Frankenweenie’ on the table with Disney. It will filmed in stop-motion animation, like Nightmare Before Christmas, rather than live actors this time and tells the tale of how a young boy tries to bring his beloved dog back to life after it dies in a similar fashion to ‘Frankenstein’.

All in all a busy time for Tim, but a great few years ahead for fans of his work.

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