‘Starblood’, debut novel by Carmilla Voiez

By on 5 May 2011

‘Starblood’ is the debut novel written by Carmilla Voiez, who is a fully paid up member of the goth scene. The book, although being a work of fiction, is inspired by the scene as Camilla knows it and by clubs that she’s vistited. The e book will be £2.99,  published by Stone Circle Publishing and available after 15th May on Amazon, Kindle and Apple.



”In a seedy Goth club, a beautiful woman dances, waiting to be set free. Along an unlit street, another woman stumbles, fleeing her pursuer. In a darkened room, a man speaks to demons.

It is a tale of magic and horror. Blinded by love, Satori, a young magician, attempts a spell that goes horribly wrong, resulting in the demon Lilith returning to Earth. Satori knows he must send Lilith back. The dark goddess brimming with power makes it her mission to wreak havoc on Satori’s life by ensnaring Star, the woman he loves, and her friends in a web of chaos and deceit.

Lust, obsession, terror and humiliation storm into the lives of  Star and Satori, proving the age-old maxim – be careful what you wish for.”

Camilla Voiez



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