KMFDM – ‘WTF?!’ release date announced

By on 20 January 2011

Industrial rock legends KMFDM have announced that their brand new studio album ‘WTF?!’ will be released on April 26 2011 via Metropolis Records. The album will feature eleven new songs including the incendiary lead single ‘Krank’ which is already being championed as a rebel anthem for the wikileaks era.

Käpt’n K and his motley crew are once again joined by a string of guests including Static-X guitarist Koichi Fukuda, William Wilson of KMFDM Record’s Legion Within, and Free Dominquez of Kidney Thieves fame. Sebastian Kommor of Kommor Kommando and Icon Of Coil also lends his production skills to multiple tracks and even stray KMFDM member Bill Rieflin has input.

With WTF?! KMFDM once again has given notice to the mainstream that “Whatever you stand for, we do not!”, be prepared as, “It’s a f**kin’ takeover!”. For those who dare to ask WTF?!, you have been warned, KMFDM take no prisoners.

‘WTF?!’ is available to pre-order through the Metropolis records shop.

‘WTF?!’ Track List:
01. Krank
02. Come On – Go Off
03. Rebels In Kontrol
04. Lynchmob
05. Take It Like A Man
06. Vive La Mort!
07. Dystopia
08. Panzerfaust
09. Spectre
10. Amnesia
11. Death & Burial Of C.R.


The new single ‘Krank’ will be available to purchase from March 8 2011.

‘Krank’ Track List:
01. Krank (Kaptn’ K. Mix) by Sascha K
02. Krank (Komor Kommando Mix) by Sebastian Komor
03. Krank (Knark Mix) by SKOLD
04. Day of Light (Revenge Mix) by Bill Rieflin
05. Day of Light (24/7 Mix)

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