Etheria 2011 Compliation EP to helping to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research

By on 16 November 2011

 In July year Etherial Rock act Dyonisis gathered a collection of Sheffield’s finest acoustic artists and put on an intimate and atmospheric gig called Etheria. The Red House venue recorded the sets and, such was the talent onstage that night, that they considered putting some live recordings from the night up for free download to share a taste of the event with those who could not attend.

Then, sadly, things changed when Dyonisis vocalist Nel’s uncle was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. He died on Sunday, 6th Nov in his early 60s. It is the fifth most common cause of cancer in the UK and has the lowest survival rate of all cancers – average survival time from diagnosis to death is six months and just 3% of those diagnosed survive 5 years due to no early detection test, the rapid spread of the cancer to nearby vital organs and limited treatment options. Naturally, feeling so helpless in the face of his diagnosis Nel wanted to do something to help raise awareness and fund research.

In the light of this, the acts involved kindly agreed to their recording to be made available as paid download – at £4 for 12 tracks of quality music from Sieben, Dyonisis, Fallen Trees, Actual Midgets, Diz Carberry and Hungarian Lanterns. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund (Registered charity No. 1103253).

Please consider buying this ep. It’s a cause in much need of funding and attention. Furthermore Etheria was a stunning night of great music and the quality of the recordings for a live event are excellent – you will more than get your £4 worth!

Etheria ep available to download HERE 

Participating Artists:

Sieben Haunting music created with just a violin, loop foot pedal and voice
Dyonisis: Folk tinged etherial voices
Paul Littlewood Solo material from the vocalist of Fallen Trees
Actual Midgets Beautiful acoustic textures and wistful poetic lyrics.
Diz Carberry From The Farewell State
Hungarian Lanterns Four chaps from South Yorkshire with a ghostly string presence

Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund (Registered Charity No. 1103253) is a national charity founded in 2004 by Maggie Blanks after the death of her husband from the disease in 2003. It is the only national charity exclusively funding research into pancreatic cancer, and funds innovative research in institutions throughout the UK.

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