Depeche Mode Members to Release Techno Album

By on 23 November 2011

Vince Clarke and Martin L. Gore have been colabortating over the last year to produce an album of techno music. This is the first  time the duo have worked together since the early 80s and their project is due in early 2012. The album was inspired by Clarke’s burgeoning interest in minimal dance music, he asked Gore if he would work with him and VCMG was born.

In keeping with their love of technology in producing music, the pair didn’t actually meet in person to work on material, preferring instead to email ideas and thoughts to each other. It wasn’t until the Mute festival in May of this year in London where they both performed that they spoke face-to-face.

The release has yet to be named but will be preceeded by a five track EP entitled ‘SPOCK’ on the 30th November via Beatport. The EP features remixes by prominent dance and techno DJ’s, including XOQ, also known as Uberzone, who also mixed the album.

Clarke and Gore were in Depeche Mode together from it’s original inception but Clarke left in the very early 80s after writing popular songs like ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’. Gore then emerged as a strong songwriter, composing some of Depeche Mode‘s biggest hits including ‘Personal Jesus’ and ‘Enjoy The Silence’, while Clarke went on to form Yazoo and, later, Erasure.

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