The RaZor Skyline

By on 12 May 2011

The RaZor Skyline are a new find for us at Dominion, we stumbled across them by accident in a chatroom of all things. They consist of Zo on synths, SooozhyQ on Middle Eastern percussion, vocals by Miska Kazda, the_gun on guitar and Onyx on drums.

We were given a listen to their ‘Convergence’ EP that was released last year and was happy to hear a massive wall of music with an equally massive voice with it. The three track EP is a promising taste of things to come. Their new album ‘Dark Water Oasis’ is due for release in the latter half of this year. The ‘Convergence’ EP consists of three tracks ‘Vittoria’, ‘Sahara’ and ‘City Never Sleeps’. It can best be described as powerful, tribal goth rock with a club feel to it.

The RaZor Skyline’s sound has an Eastern feel to it due to the percussion which makes an intriguing, sensual and powerful mix, not surprising as Miska and Onyx have both studied belly dancing and their percussionist is heavily involved in the Eastern music scene.

Check them out and have a listen for yourself.

The RaZor Skyline on Reverbnation

The RaZor Skyline on Facebook

The RaZor Skyline on My Space



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