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By on October 18, 2010


It’s always good thing when a perchance chat means that you get to hear something new, new is good. This chat led me to ‘The Death Notes’, a Nottingham indie/alternative band that are akin to Siouxsie & The Banshees, Sonic Youth and The Pixies. So if you like your music firmly in the ‘alternative’ genre then give them a listen.

The band consists of Elaine on vocals, Martin on guitars, Kitt on drums, Jamie on keyboards and Dave on bass.

The Death Notes formed in 2007 and have gigged around the Midlands going under the name of ‘The Room’, being renamed as ‘The Death Notes’ in 2009. Their EP titled ‘The Death Notes’ was released in 2009 to good reviews and recieved a good coverage of European airplay as well as in America and New Zealand.

2009 saw them headlining at the Bizarre Festival in Nottingham, in 2010 Dave was recruited as the bass player and they went back into the studio to work on new material.The result of this is their new single due to be released on December 13 on their own label Sonic Disruptor Records called ‘In The Spider’s Web’ , it’s currently getting some pre-release air play on various internet radio stations too.

The Death Notes are playing at:
Bar 15 in Burton on Trent on Nov 13  
The Funeral Party at The Old Angel, Nottingham on 11th December
Go and see them if you’re in the Midlands.

The link to the song ‘In The Spider’s Web’ is here:


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