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By on 6 April 2011

Originally hailing from Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, Steph or Stephanie McQuaid, now based in Teeside set up her video production company Spittingflowers Productions to try and help promote new bands and established artists. Steph is a passionate music fanatic, into everything from punk, post punk, goth, industrial and is a huge fan of the French post punk band ‘No Tears’ and will be filming them at the band’s first ever UK date at DV8 this year. She’s purely and simply hoping to make a positive contribution to the scene by assisting and promoting bands. Full of ambition, Steph hopes that the project will grow into one that can tackle bigger productions. Dr Arthur Krause, the Swedish goth rockers who recently appeared at Whitby Gothic Weekend have already expressed an interest in using Steph’s footage for their unofficial video.

Both of Steph’s parents are ‘creative types’ and into photography and film making so she’s always been surrounded by cameras. Her father has a small video/film production company in Ireland and Steph grew up watching him craft his art. However, despite having dabbled in short films whilst a student, it wasn’t until 2010 that she picked up her camera and started shooting video footage of bands at gigs. Steph was initially interested in photographing bands, but quickly realised that there was a gap in the market for half decent video footage promoting gigs/festivals and it was at this point that Spittingflower Productions became a necessity.

Steph also sings in a darkwave electronic band called Uzaro Transmission, fronted by her partner Andrew Harrison and they’re due to release their first EP soon. Andrew heads a web development team in the real world but as a couple they both work at writing songs for Uzaro Transmission. Whilst Spittingflowers is exclusive to Steph, Andrew offers a sometimes much needed calming influenece on Steph at gigs, who, by her own admission can get a bit carried away by the whole gig atmosphere ”and tells me to slow down a bit when I get a bit over-wrought about getting the right shot”.

Funding permitting, World Domination (in an unobtrusive way of course) is Steph’s aim, but right now however, she’s mainly recording bands at British Festivals and Events as she’s still funding this venture herself without sponsorship. Steph says that her methods are very much the ‘guerilla style shooting’ using a small camera which is unobtrusive thus enabling her to get up close and personal with the subject at hand without getting in bands’ faces too much. When finances allow, Steph is going to update her recording equipment so, tongue in cheek, is on the look out for a rich philanthropist.

On the subject of the actual recording Steph says that ”when you point a camera at someone, be it a band/artist/ or the crowd, you never really know how a person(s) are going to react”. ”Thankfully however, everybody I’ve filmed have been most accommodating, and generally take being filmed in good humour. Some of the bands have been really amazing and made the video so much more engaging…. like for example during the Stripper Project’s set at Whitby October 2010 – front man Neil Ash jumped off stage into the crowd and interacted with the audience and got right into the camera! It was only their second ever gig – but they were incredible! (yep it’s on my youtube channel)…got a real buzz from that – plus they are two amazing fellows with a great band, outlook & vibe!”. All she needs from the band, should they wish to let her record is a willingness to be filmed- a guaranteed space down front of stage would be helpful, and back-stage access would also be nice, with anything after that being negotiable.



Typically, undertaking a project such as this throws up the odd daft moment. The most recent being at Whitby Gothic Weekend in March. ”I was sort of rolling around at the bottom of the stage, probably distracting everyone during the Luxury Stranger gig trying to get the best shot. Simon York was very accomodating, give him his due. Also, I almost ruined all my Project Pitchfork footage by getting over-excited at their gig at Infest, I was bobbing up and down in the crowd singing along with Peter Spilles on his mic so the footage from that bit is under wraps and never to be seen in public. I also trod on Neil Ash’s mic lead during the Stripper Project’s gig but it worked in my favour as it caught his attention”. Apart from the daft moments, there are very few gripes and problems. Gripes are lack of funding and problems are just down to technical stuff but since this is a labour of love the good times far outweigh the bad.

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