Not Another Depeche Mode Cover?!

By on 31 May 2012

Musicians have been playing each other’s works since time immemorial. Whether it was folk, ecclesiastical or classical every budding musician has always taken their first steps by learning to play their favourite songs. Despite stricter copyright and public performance laws these days, both professionals and amateurs will happily do a cover every now and then and it doesn’t look like this will be changing any time soon. Sometimes we are even treated to new versions of songs that become even greater than the originals (See Soft Cell’s cover of ‘Tainted Love’ originally recorded by Gloria Jones for example). But there is perhaps only one band that has been covered by everyone from mainstream pop acts to the most underground of underground bands. That is of course the seminal synthpop pioneers Depeche Mode.
It seems as though every month yet another band or artist of some variety releases their new interpretation of one of the band’s classic hits. In fact, in recent years there have even been entire advertising campaigns built around them. The sheer number of bands who have covered their songs can only be guessed at now, but the website Depeche Mode Covers does its best to collect as many as it can, including 270 versions of ‘Enjoy The Silence‘ (so they’re not short of a royalty cheque or two!). It also lists that out of the bands substantial back catalogues there are only 32 songs that have never been covered, so at least those bands that want to be “original” and still do a Depeche Mode cover (maybe for the next Alfa Matrix tribute compilation) can still throw as a few curve balls.

Top Five Most Covered Depeche Mode Songs*
1 – Enjoy The Silence (covered 270 times)
2 – Personal Jesus (covered 170 times)
3 – Just Can’t Get Enough (covered 145 times)
4 – Never Let Me Down Again (covered 100 times)
5 – Policy Of Truth (covered 81 times)

Depeche Mode songs still not covered* include: ‘A Photograph Of You’, ‘The Great Outdoors’, ‘The Landscape Is Changing’, ‘And Then…’, ‘Are People People?’ and ‘Breathing In Fumes’.

But what makes Depeche Mode the first choice for so many bands when it comes to finding a song to cover? Perhaps it is their blend of credible rock ‘n’ roll chic mixed with their penchant for great pop hooks? The band’s mix of subversion and success is enviable with 48 charting singles and twelve top 10 albums in the UK alone, they are arguably synthpop’s most enduring protagonists and have been lauded by a number of magazines as one of the most influential bands in music. So to drill the point home we thought we’d list twenty covers, some innovative and some straight, to let you be the judge as to whether or not we really need any more.

Lacuna Coil – ‘Enjoy The Silence’

Pain – ‘Behind The Wheel’

Neon Synthesis – ‘Everything Counts’

Rammstein – ‘Stripped’

Implant – ‘People Are People’

HIM – ‘Enjoy The Silence’

Kant Kino – ‘Behind The Wheel’

Endless Grey – ‘Policy Of Truth’

Mesmer’s Eyes – ‘Stripped’

Zeromancer – ‘Photographic’

Shiny Toy Guns – ‘Stripped’

Marilyn Manson – ‘Personal Jesus’

Unternull – ‘Everything Counts’

And One – ‘But Not Tonight’

Razed In Black – ‘Lie To Me’

Songs Of Lemuria – ‘Shake The Disease’

Alien Vampires – ‘Fools’

Funhouse – ‘Never Let Me Down Again’

Shino – ‘Little 15’

Disown – ‘Policy Of Truth’

But what do you think? Have Depeche Mode been covered to death or do you enjoy hearing new interpretations of their sound? Have your say on the Dominion Magazine Facebook page HERE.


*according to 29th May 2012


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