Interview: Dominion speaks to James Burrows of Splintered Soul before the band Roar in Gravesend

By on 31 August 2012

The Really Red Roar festival is due to take place from Friday 31st August to Sunday 9th September. The line-up is mainly made up of metal, rock, punk, indie and acoustic acts but if you look close enough you will find more than one band waving the Dominion flag across this behemoth of a 10 day event.

This week Dominion speaks to these bands about Red Roar and what else we can expect from them in the near future.

Band details:
Splintered Soul

1) You are booked to appear at the Really Red Roar Festival which starts this Friday. What made you want to play such a festival, especially considering you are one of only a few Dominion style bands playing?

Playing live is always something special for us and this is no exception. So much time and effort has been concentrated in the studio over the last year on our debut album “Lore” that we couldn’t wait to start playing some of the new material to our fans! Our most recent gigs at the underworld in Camden and, of course, on the Sophie Lancaster and Jagermeister stages at Bloodstock have been the most amazing and rewarding experiences. An opportunity to play at Red Roar and give the fans a full cinematic metal show to the home crowd of Splintered Soul’s originator and creator, Chris Frost, is one we couldn’t miss.

2) What can the Red Roar crowd expect from your 30 minutes on stage?

A diverse and musical set going from progressive metal to cinematic soundscapes to world music and anything in between…. although one thing is common throughout; it all rocks. All this played by a group of dedicated and driven musicians fronted by our two amazing and talented front women; Sally Jo on six string electric violin and Erica Mengod on vocals.

3) Are there any bands on the bill you are looking forward to seeing?

There are some great bands on the bill for the festival to pick any one would be unfair and impossible. To give some names Breed 77 are sure to bring the house down and Zocalo, Inner Fire, Bull-riff Stampede, Subversion and Warhorse are all well worth seeing. I’d love to be there for the whole thing!

4) Tell us about some good and bad experiences of festivals you have played or just attended in the past.

I have attended a few and, frankly, nothing compares to Bloodstock 2012. Read on for the answer to that.

Splintered Soul

5) Imagine, it’s 5 years down the line and you are headlining your very own festival. Name some bands you would want to play that festival.

You never know what bands will be around in five years time so it’s difficult to say who we might discover. Dimmu Borgir are certainly on the list with Dream Theater, Iron Maiden and Meshuggah. I’d love to get some artists in from other genre’s as well such as Bjork, Ozric Tentacles and a full orchestra for John Williams!

6) For those unable to attend Red Roar have you any other gigs booked in the next few months?

We have no live dates set in stone as yet after Red Roar due to continued studio commitments but be sure there will be more live Splintered Soul very soon (we are looking into some more shows as we speak.) Keep your eyes on our web page at for more news soon!

7) Have you been recording any new material? If so what can fans expect and when?

As mentioned our debut album “Lore” is approaching completion and is due for release this year. It has been well over a year in recording and six years in conception and development. It contains everything from live choirs to live strings and harp to rare instruments from around the globe (including Chinese “erhu”.) Musically it is a rich collage of all the styles we love as a band underpinned by the grounding of eight string guitar, six string violin, no holds barred cinematic metal. We currently have a festival E.P. out containing completely unique versions of three of the ten album tracks available from our online store.

8) You recently played Bloodstock for the second time. How did it go?

The crowd reaction there was so amazingly positive and life affirming for both sets (the Jagermeister set was acoustic) and we met so many wonderful people and fans both new and old alike. I have never experienced an atmosphere quite like it and can’t think of anything I have experienced that really compares. For anyone who was there and saw us I’d like to say a massive thank you and we hope to see you again soon!

9) Where do you feel Splintered Soul fit in the musical world of 2012?

Judging by the reactions to recent live shows and our festival E.P. our place in the musical world is being carved out for us by our fans. Due to the unique nature of the music and the line up I think Splintered Soul represents something very different and intriguing and allows us to exist as true stylistic fusion.

10) Anything else you like to tell your fans?

Simply, from everyone in the band, thank you for coming on this musical journey with us and giving us your support and feedback. The band could not exist without you and your belief in us gives us inspiration to keep on redefining our musical imagination.

Splintered Soul play Red Roar on Friday 31st August.

Photos courtesy of Martin Hobby

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