Interview: Dominion speaks to Ed Banshee of Partly Faithful before the band Roar in Gravesend

By on 31 August 2012

The Really Red Roar festival is due to take place from Friday 31st August to Sunday 9th September. The line-up is mainly made up of metal, rock, punk, indie and acoustic acts but if you look close enough you will find more than one band waving the Dominion flag across this behemoth of a 10 day event.

This week Dominion speaks to these bands about Red Roar and what else we can expect from them in the near future.

Band details:
Partly Faithful

1) You are booked to appear at the Really Red Roar Festival which starts this Friday. What made you want to play such a festival, especially considering you are one of only a few Dominion style bands playing?

I’m not entirely sure what a Dominion style band actually is, but the Really Red Roar Festival is an opportunity to do something a bit different from the norm. We’re looking forward to playing to a different type of audience outside central London for a change. If you excuse the pun, it’s good to test your metal with a slight shift of genre every now and again.

2) What can the Red Roar crowd expect from your 30 minutes on stage?

They can expect 30 minutes of guitar rapture and live showmanship of a flavour they probably won’t experience during the rest of the festival. This is good. They’ll also be watching the second ever live appearance of our new not-so-secret weapon, Anouska Haze, with her own crazy horror-flick guitar styling. This is awesome.

3) Are there any bands on the bill you are looking forward to seeing?

I’m quite looking forward to checking out Alexa De Strange. Their latest album has been produced by David Ryder Prangley (of Rachel Stamp fame) and he’s also guested at a few of their recent shows. We’ve also been working with David on our new EP ‘The Beehive’ so, having narrowly missed their last show at Electrowerkz, I’ll be checking them out at Red Roar.

Partly Faithful Beehive EP

4) Tell us about some good and bad experiences of festivals you have played or just attended in the past.

One of the most disappointing festival experiences we’ve had recently would have to be our scheduled appearance on the opening night of the Artrocker New Blood Festival in January. We were scheduled to play with The Neat, Cold In Berlin and Artery and were looking forward to kicking off 2012 in style, only to have the entire thing cancelled on the morning of the show because the singer from Artery had ‘flu’. The festival that ticks both good and bad boxes would have to be DV8 in York. We have had the privilege of playing the finest alternative festival in the UK on two occasions, alongside luminary bands such as The March Violets, Vuvuvultures, Cold In Berlin, The Chapman Family and O.Children. Murray ‘Muzz’ Fenton from Artery kindly guested on guitars for us at our last DV8 appearance which made the event even more special. However, our first appearance at DV8 was an extremely close-run thing when 3/4 of Partly Faithful got stuck in traffic on the M1 for nine hours and had to rush onto the stage to perform, looking
dishevelled and travel sick, straight from the car.

5) Imagine, it’s 5 years down the line and you are headlining your very own festival. Name some bands you would want to play that festival.

That’s a rather long time to wait and I’m sure a band landscape will have changed beyond recognition by then. However, assuming we’re headlining our own festival NEXT year then I’d love to have (among many others) the March Violets, Siiii, VuvuVultures, S.C.U.M, O. Children, Ulterior, The Chapman Family, Cold In Berlin, ROMANCE, Grasshouse, Berlin Black And The Shades Of Grey, Dogfeet, Terminal Gods and Clockwork Era on board. That would make a mighty fine and interesting lineup, although we may need to move to a bigger venue! Of course, there’d also be plenty of room for Iggy, Bauhaus and Nick Cave if they asked nicely.

6) For those unable to attend Red Roar have you any other gigs booked in the next few months?

Partly Faithful’s guitarist Anouska Haze will be DJing at the 1234 Festival aftershow on the 1st September at Power Lunches in Dalston, London – that’s the evening before Red Roar. Hot on the heels of Red Roar, Partly Faithful will be opening events for Cold In Berlin’s album launch on Friday the 7th September upstairs at The Relentless Garage in Highbury, London. We’re just waiting for confirmation of a few dates in the North of England to coincide with ‘The Beehive’ EP launch in October and I’m sure we’ll also be arranging some more dates in London around that time too. And then on 3rd November, we’ll be supporting David J. of Bauhaus/Love And Rockets fame at Electrowerkz, which will be a definite highlight.

7) Have you been recording any new material? If so what can fans expect and when?

Yes, we’ve recently completed our second EP, “The Beehive”, which we’ll be releasing on the 1st October. It’s been recorded at Unit 2 Music Recording Studio in London, engineered and mastered by Adie Hardy (B-Movie), produced by David Ryder Prangley of Rachel Stamp fame and features guitars and backing vocals from Savages’ Gemma Thompson. Needless to say, the resulting EP is fantastic!
We’re also working on some brand new material with the intention of releasing our first full album in Spring 2012.

8) It has been several years since the split of Screaming Banshee Aircrew. The split has seen the formation and/or success of Partly Faithful, Berlin Black & The Shades Of Grey and Jo Violet join The March Violets and play some well received shows. Could that possibly be one of the most positive splits in the last 10 years?

Perhaps. There’s no ill-feeling between the bands and we certainly couldn’t haved predicted that the fallout from SBA’s breakup would have been so fruitful. I think the biggest surprise would have to have been Jo Violet’s invitation to join The March Violets, one of the SBA’s primary influences. I guess it should be no surprise really as Screaming Banshee Aircrew was a powerhouse of talent learned largely through hard experience. While it’s great that things are working out so well for all concerned, who knows what SBA might have been able to achieve if they’d continued?

9) Where do you feel Partly Faithful fit in the musical world of 2012?

This year has been a year of both challenge and opportunity for Partly Faithful. 2012 is nearly over but Partly Faithful are only just beginning a new and exciting phase with a fantastic EP release and unbeatable lineup. We’re whatever people choose to call us, and none of those things at the same time. We deliberately don’t fit into any particular catagory and we go out of our way to do things differently from everyone else.
Where will we be in 2013?

10) Anything else you like to tell your fans?

Sure, come to our live shows, join our mailing list and buy ‘The Beehive’ EP when it’s released in October. You can even pre-order tickets for our David J. support from our website (www.
Our debut EP ‘Partly Faithful’ sold out a few months after it was released but you can still buy the MP3s online and we’ve got a whole new range of new design T-shirts, hoodies and assorted goodies that you can buy at our live shows to make yourselves look amazing.
Most importantly, tell your family, friends and enemies about us.. spread the faith.

Partly Faithful play Red Roar on Sunday 2nd September.

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