Interview: Dominion speaks to Ays of Die Kur before the band Roar in Gravesend

By on 31 August 2012

The Really Red Roar festival is due to take place from Friday 31st August to Sunday 9th September. The line-up is mainly made up of metal, rock, punk, indie and acoustic acts but if you look close enough you will find more than one band waving the Dominion flag across this behemoth of a 10 day event.

This week Dominion speaks to these bands about Red Roar and what else we can expect from them in the near future.

Band details:
Die Kur

1) You are booked to appear at the Really Red Roar Festival which starts this Friday. What made you want to play such a festival, especially considering you are one of only a few Dominion style bands playing?

We are really excited to be part of the Red Roar 2012, the main reason behind us saying yes was the incredible idea of having a continous 10 day live music event. Much respect to the people behind this as it’s an incredible effort to be able to create such an impressive event. We feel honoured to be part of this.

About us being one of the few Dominion bands, we feel comfortable playing in front of both industrial/gothic and metal/rock crowds as possibly our music naturally unites elements of both and we put a great effort in our performances and we are always doing our best to deliver it well to the crowd.

2) What can the Red Roar crowd expect from your 30 minutes on stage?

Expect a real show with great performances, heavy music, atmospheres, projections, fire and general mayhem!

3) Are there any bands on the bill you are looking forward to seeing?

Breed 77 as they are awesome, also Second Rate Angels, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing, The Nameless, Alexa De strange. As well as from the other days Defiled, Splintered Soul, Kremated, Malefice, Silent Descent are all magnificent.

4) Tell us about some good and bad experiences of festivals you have played or just attended in the past.

An amazing experience has been playing the Voodoo Rock Summer Ball this June. The organisers are incredibly kind and the overall atmosphere was a big party. There where huge balloons flying between people (as well as on and off the stage) and everyone just was enjoying the night! So far we didn’t have such thing as a bad concert experience although possibly a few concerts at the very early stages of the band few years ago, when we played few “wrong” gigs that ended with us being thrown out of the venue (including all public!). With time we certainly learnt how to deal better with some situations!

Die Kur

5) Imagine, it’s 5 years down the line and you are headlining your very own festival. Name some bands you would want to play that festival.

Some of the best bands that we would want to play that festival with us are Maxdmyz, Jordan Reyne, Drilling Spree, Lilygun, Bleak, Global Citizen, Reskizio… eventually we would call this festival “Renaissance”, how does it sound? Possibly in 5 years (or less) would be awesome if in the same bill would join bands like Ministry, NIN, Death SS, KMFDM, King Diamond or even a special reunion of Bauhaus!

6) For those unable to attend Red Roar have you any other gigs booked in the next few months?

Yes 15 September we’ll play at Electrowerkz / Slimelight with the great Angelspit, Uberbyte, Angelbomb and Nessus Red while October 27 we’ll play a special Halloween concert at Nambucca with Abgott, Meta-Stasis, Reflection in Exile, Aghast, Metasoma and then before the end of the year you can expect something amazing!

7) Have you been recording any new material? If so what can fans expect and when?

Since the release of Die Kur’s third album “ERA (Formicidae)” last October we have been working on new material that eventually will be the new album, although with many episodes including changes in the lineup. We have a new album written but just a little part of it is recorded. We are aiming to release it at the beginning of next year. We can’t say much yet apart that will be the natural evolution of the band and will be called Manifesto. It will be much heavier yet than everything we recorded till now.

Die Kur

8) You have been raising your profile gradually in London over the past year or so. What other things have you got up your sleeves?

We worked and still we are working very hard in creating a music scene and consolidating the line-up and live show. Gradually we are moving to play outside the London area as we wouldn’t want to be just a London underground band (not that we dislike this though. Of course London is a special city to play in and we love to play in places such as the Electrowerkz, Boston Music Room, Nambucca, Reptile and Intrepid Fox. Still you can expect soon Die Kur playing Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and more in UK as well as a few of European dates next year.

9) Where do you feel Die Kur fit in the musical world of 2012?

Possibly Die Kur would fit the musical world as an underground band who’s making an effort to support the underground music scene. At the same time as this we believe our music is still interesting and accessible to many different people with tastes that straddle all genres, so we are always to happy welcome any new listeners to our music and to our concerts so we can share our passion for, and belief in, the music with them and our efforts go in making pure music, without compromises.

10) Anything else you like to tell your fans?

Support the underground bands, it is music in it’s purest form that defines your life and what you are growing with. It’s the music that will be remembered in future. Be free and be unite, whatever side of music you are listening to remember only music can keep us together.

Die Kur play Red Roar on Sunday 2nd September.

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