Interview: Dominion speaks to Alexa De Strange before they Roar in Gravesend

By on 31 August 2012

The Really Red Roar festival is due to take place from Friday 31st August to Sunday 9th September. The line-up is mainly made up of metal, rock, punk, indie and acoustic acts but if you look close enough you will find more than one band waving the Dominion flag across this behemoth of a 10 day event.

This week Dominion speaks to these bands about Red Roar and what else we can expect from them in the near future.

Band details:
Alexa De Strange

1) You are booked to appear at the Really Red Roar Festival which starts this Friday. What made you want to play such a festival, especially considering you are one of only a few Dominion style bands playing?

The diversity of this festival is amazing!! There’s every kind of act an audience would want. An absolutely mammoth bill!!! Alexa De Strange has a wide range of influences so such a diverse bill fits us just beautifully.

2) What can the Red Roar crowd expect from your 30 minutes on stage?

Our set will be like a fireball ripping right through the middle of a sea of raised hands with plenty of lustful lyrics and a side plate of the best sex you’ll ever have!!!

3) Are there any bands on the bill you are looking forward to seeing?

Really looking forward to seeing Die Kur who we’ve heard a lot about and of course, we are honored to be supporting Breed 77 who I know Francesca and Amanda are huge fans of.

4) Tell us about some good and bad experiences of festivals you have played or just attended in the past.

We only formed just over a year ago so in that time have only played the one festival. That occurred this past August in Devon. It was kinda interesting with the Devon faithful looking at us as if the martians had finally landed! Was okay though.

5) Imagine, it’s 5 years down the line and you are headlining your very own festival. Name some bands you would want to play that festival.

I reckon the ideal festival would be a mammoth event with not just bands playing but circus performers, twisted cabaret, an area playing B-movies and old public information films from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and maybe an alternative Karaoke. We like Karaoke.

I’d probably get Rachel Stamp to reform and hire midget Kiss too.

Alexa De Strange

6) For those unable to attend Red Roar have you any other gigs booked in the next few months?

We have two dates properly in the diary supporting the iconic TOYAH!! The dates will be SATURDAY OCTOBER 13TH in MANCHESTER (Academy) and SATURDAY OCTOBER 20th in LONDON (O2 Bar Academy) and  they promise to be pretty amaze! We have cheaper tickets so get in touch!

We will be playing a Christmas show somewhere and maybe even a New Years Eve one. We’re pretty easy and will play YOUR town if want us to.

7) Have you been recording any new material? If so what can fans expect and when?

Next Spring we unleash our our new album ‘Who Killed Simon Cowell?!’ on the World. This is already (potentially) being lauded as a big an album as Metallica’s ‘Black’ album, Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’,The Beatles ‘Sgt Peppers’ and ALL of those old ‘NOW! That’s What I Call Music’ albums!

Rumour has it that Mister Cowell will be making an appearance at our Toyah shows, along with fire dancers and a faceless nun (and I’m not joking!) !!!

8) You have been raising your profile gradually over the past year or so. What other things have you got up your sleeves?

We’re just trying to make our live show bigger and better everytime so that when you come and see us, it’s an assault on all the senses! We want you to feel like you’ve had a work out when you’ve seen us!!!!

That and just being a general public disturbance.

9) Where do you feel Alexa De Strange fit in the musical world of 2012?

Not as heavy as Slipknot. Not as pop as One Direction but too fabulous to be lukewarm!

10) Anything else you like to tell your fans?

Be sure to wear your bikini’s and mankini’s at The Really Red Roar Festival for us. It’s gonna get sweaty!!

Alexa De Strange play Red Roar on Sunday 2nd September.

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