Goth TV 2: Commercial break

By on 18 May 2012

In celebration of World Goth Day last year Dominion trawled the depths of You Tube to unearth some prime examples of Gothic music on television (which can be seen HERE and HERE). This year however we thought we’d shift the focus a little bit. Goths have been depicted on TV in a variety of ways over the years. Sometimes it has been flattering and other times it has been downright offensive.
But it has been in TV advertising that the tongue in cheek side to Gothic culture has been exposed and indeed celebrated with many different companies in a number of countries using the image of goths in their campaigns.
Whether it is a lampooning of the stereotype or an affectionate look the image is now so ingrained into the fabric of popular culture that creates an instant association with a product. So, with that in mind we at Dominion have once again delved into the Internet’s top video repository to bring you some of our favourites.

Irn Bru (UK):



Aviva (UK):


Coke (New Zealand):


Kodak (USA):


Heineken (USA/Canada?):


Dell (USA):


Kia (USA):


Virgin (UK):




Orange (?):


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