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By on 20 December 2010

As another year edges towards oblivion the contributors here at Dominion online scratched our heads, wracked our brains, drank some mulled wine and listed our favourite Dominion style albums of the year.

58 albums were chosen of which 28 were picked by more than 1 person. From these the 20 with the most points were placed into the list below.

Enjoy and discuss!

1) O CHILDREN – ‘O Children’

Beautiful Deadly

171 points

O Children album

“O Children took many people by complete surprise. Being rooted firmly in the post-punk revival centred mostly around East London, it wasn’t really until their powerful self titled debut album appeared did the majority of Gothic music devotees stand up and take notice. What an album it was, fusing elements of post-punk, alternative pop and dark indie into a deep and dark sonic tapestry for Tobi O’Khandi’s pelvis vibrating vocal delivery.” – Robert Maisey

“…their eponymous debut is everything that a contemporary gothic album should be. Not only does it take itself seriously – something that comes across in the tight production – but O Children are clearly willing to experiment and never sit comfortably within any predefined and limiting boundaries.” – Joy Lasher

“…this is a storming debut. That voice! Those tunes! Hey kids, meet Joy Division. Bad Seeds, meet the kids. The album wears its influences on its sleeve, but so what? It sounds great.” – Piers Sixx

2) KILLING JOKE – ‘Absolute Dissent’

Spinefarm Records

112 points

Absolute Dissent album

“The masters return with a soundtrack for the modern world that combines genres and unites fans across the spectrum.” – Sean M. Palfrey

“Welcome to the end of the world show; Jaz is convinced this time around and urges you to mark 23/12/12 in your diaries. The soundtrack to the apocalypse reunites the four base elements of the band with rousing football anthem stadium choruses, bouncy electronic Krautrock, tribal rants, bass heavy slabs of dub and a celebratory eulogy to Paul Raven. Come Armageddon the jokers will have the last laugh!” – Pete Woods

3) PRETENTIOUS, MOI? – ‘Pretentious, Moi?’


98 points

Pretentious, Moi? album

“Side projects often disappoint but this is a cracker. Tim Chandler, I salute you. Epic songs, brilliant production, an all round humdinger.” – Piers Sixx

“Tim has been steadily leaking Pretentious, Moi? demos for years now; each hinting at the potential for something truly spectacular and this stunning record doesn’t disappoint. If it’s ground breaking stuff you’re looking for, you probably won’t find it here… but what you will find is astonishing musicianship and exquisitely crafted melodies applied with extraordinary skill to gothic music. The album contains no half measures whatsoever – every sound is as huge as it possibly could be, every beat races at 100mph, every chorus will have you throwing your arms in the air through sheer exultation. Well written, skilfully produced, humorously self aware and massively confident. Perfect.” – Robert Maisey

“…15 years in the making and well worth the wait it is. Swirling guitars combine with electronics to give an exciting new edge to the 90’s goth sound.” – Wild Bill Buttock

4) METHOD CELL – ‘Curse Of A Modern Age’

RebCo Records

79 points

Curse Of A Modern Age album

“Probably one of the best synthcore bands this country has ever produced. With their intelligent approach to writing dance floor-filling hits Method Cells’ debut is a shot of adrenaline for the industrial scene.” – Sean M. Palfrey

“Blimey, and I thought Intra-Venus were good! Apollos and Alex look set to conquer the world with this debut. Super sexy song writing, simple as that.” – Piers Sixx

“The other thing that makes ‘Curse Of A Modern Age’ essential listening is the clever, tongue-in-cheek lyrics that could only come from a British band.” – Joy Lasher

Method Cell My Space

5) ROB ZOMBIE – ‘Hellbilly Deluxe 2’

Roadrunner Records

74 points

Hellbilly Deluxe 2 album

“Certain goth fans dislike the industrialised metal sound of Mr Zombie. There could even be an arguement that the music the band produces these days is further away from the initial industrial outlook of White Zombie than ever before, but in the end this is somewhat irrelevant. The fact that the ‘Hellbilly Deluxe 2′ album has made it into this chart shows that many people with a taste for the darker side of music lap up this kind of stuff as much as the average summer festival goer, who wouldn’t know their Sisters of Mercy’s from their Cruxshadows’. Tracks like ‘Sick BubbleGum’ will kick the arses of all the goths, metallers, industrial heads and the rest in the arenas in 2011. Bring it on.” – Alan Hicks

6) RHOMBUS – ‘Open The Sky’

Models Own Records

72 points

Open The Sky album

“‘Open The Sky’ came at a time when many people were just beginning to think they’d got Rhombus’ number. There were some who didn’t really expect such a richness of sound and diversity of song writing from these troopers of the live circuit. As it was, the album was incredibly well received and won the band soaringly new levels of respect. Mixing cliche with ingenuity, ‘Open The Sky’ really feels like an album for 2010 and beyond; delivering everything you might expect from a decent goth record, while also showing an intriguing depth. Steven Carey’s production work links it sonically to several other notable gothic releases this year and ‘Open The Sky’ acts as fine a flag bearer as any for this new wave of 21st century Goth.” – Robert Maisey

“Rhombus’ latest album manages to hit the nail on the head for what a modern trad goth album should sound like. All the classic sounds are present but the band just make them their own.” – Sean M. Palfrey

“‘Open The Sky’ perhaps comes closest to album of the year with the maturity that comes from a hard working touring band, well crafted catchy songs melt into dark atmospherics whilst witty and intelligent lyrics keep the band away from the usual goff cliches. Nods toward influences such as The Sisters Of Mercy, The Mission and Fields Of The Nephilim are there but never too far at the front as to make the album a pastiche.” – Wild Bill Buttock

7) ZOLA JESUS – ‘Stridulum II’

Souterrain Transmissions

71 points

Stridulum II album

“She’s being hailed as the new saviour of goth by the mainstream press but any misconceptions about Wisconsin chick Nika Roza Danilova, aka Ms Jesus, being the bastard offspring of Andrew Eldritch and Siouxsie Sioux (heaven forbid!) should be cast asunder now. ‘Stridulum II’ is a poignant collection of nine haunting songs that sound quite out of this world without a single jangly guitar in earshot.

Nika’s vocals ooze that quirky power that Siouxsie exudes when she gets stuck into her slower numbers while the delicate music that wraps around them is as evocative as Cocteau Twins. Expanded from her ‘Stridulum’ EP, the synth-heavy long-player is an uplifting and exciting release that simply must be heard to be believed.” – Joy Lasher

8) THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE – ‘Pins and Needles’

Metropolis Music

56 points

Pins and Needles album

“This is a bit like going to a party and gorging out on rich cake and sweets. It’s sticky, sugar coated and slightly edgy and leaves you feeling giddy and a little sick after too much pigging out. Chock full of hooky melodies and memorable choruses and with particularly retro keyboard parts, this is another infectious listen deserving of placement here.” – Pete Woods

“Without a doubt, ‘Pins and Needles’ is The Birthday Massacre’s finest release so far and shows a new side to the Toronto band. This is going to be one helluva tough album to follow.” – Joy Lasher


Nightbreed Recordings

55 points

The Unquiet Void album

“The record MC have always threatened to make; dirty beats, angry vocals and razor-sharp guitars. This encapsulates their entire back catalogue, managing to be both dark as the night and danceable as Hell.” – Piers Sixx

“Nottingham’s own satanic industrialists up their game once again for their latest, and possibly, best album.” – Sean M. Palfrey

10) HOCICO – ‘Tiempos de Furia’

Out of Line

48 points

Tiempos de Furia album

“The newest offering from Hocico sees them back on top form, with a high number of tracks instantly making a lasting impression on their fans and becoming an integral part of their live set. The album is full of catchy tunes and hard hitting beats and contains everything you would come to expect from a band near the top of the scene.” – Jason Hayselden

11) DYONISIS – ‘Intoxicated’

Singed Records

47 points

Intoxicated album

“The album floats from the speakers, mixing moments of relaxed splendour with highly melodic passages. This voyage of discovery involves a less bombastic approach than on previous outings, allowing the listener to lose themselves within the music. The ethereal vocals from Nel sparkle with an understated folk-like charm while Marcus lays down some pulsating bass lines, which really hold this wonderfully undisturbed mix together.

The prominence of the bass sound recalls the likes of The Eden House, as do the dramatic soundscapes which can be heard on the epic ‘Eve’s song’. If ‘Arachne’s song’ and album closer ‘Lunatic’ both have a tranquil vibe which would sit perfectly in the chill out room of somewhere like Club AntiChrist then ‘Of the fear’ and ‘Inside out’ have a more direct feel, lending themselves to play lists around the world.” – Alan Hicks

“If Dyonisis were commercially minded then heading toward a symphonic metal sound would have been their most sensible direction given the operatic vocals that feature in most of their debut album, but, to great credit, this years second album ‘Intoxicated’ see them move into a more folk based sound.” – Wild Bill Buttock

12) COMBICHRIST – ‘Making Monsters’

Out Of Line Records

43 points

Making Monsters album

“This band just keep building momentum with every release and this album is no exception. Full of throbbing beats and grating synths, Combichrist once again show why they’re at the top of the industrial pile.” – Sean M. Palfrey


Self released

41 points

Solo album

“Autumn Cannibals is Jeff Deihm from The Last Dance’s solo project and debut album ‘Solo’ is a hit and miss affair. Magnificent soaring anthems like ‘Peel’ and ‘Monument To Shame’ compete with average almost rockabilly affairs.” – Wild Bill Buttock

14) ANATHEMA – ‘We’re Here Because We’re Here’

K Scope

40 points

We're Here Because We're Here album

“And this is here because it is! Genres be damned, Anathema transcend them with songs that are fraught with moments of breathtaking emotion one second and skeletal, lush acoustic harmonies the next. This is heartfelt and full of passion and an album to lose yourself in and dream along to.” – Pete Woods

15) GROOVING IN GREEN – ‘Post Traumatic Stress’


39 points

Post Traumatic Stress album

“A proper goth record, in the traditional sense. Melodies to swoon to, vocals to please the ear and that nasty/nice guitar sound that made Children on Stun such a great band. A must have.” – Piers Sixx

“At first I thought the album somehow lost some of the bands live aggression with the lush production, and perhaps a harsher sound would have suited the bands twin guitar attack but on tracks like ‘Serpentine’ and ‘Rise’ the big production works to excellent effect.” – Wild Bill Buttock


No Death/Black Records

38 points

Blood and Fire album

“…gothic twinges with punk attitude and a tangible, raw edginess. The first single ‘Love Turns To Hate’ is an energetic and anthemic hark back to original goth-punk, instantly catchy and memorable. What follows is more of the same – dark, electric guitars and punchy, kooky vocals which only get better with each listen. Even though the comparisons to bands like The Damned are obvious TEMBD’s sound is undoubtedly their own and despite the retro feel to their sound there is something very relevant to ‘Blood and Fire’ – a youthful, rebellious yet absurd and eccentric attack of an album.” – Lenore

17) SOLEMN NOVENA – ‘Kiss The Girls’

Dark Dimensions Label Group

35 points

Kiss The Girls album

“Solemn Novena embody one of the greatest tragedies of rock and roll; just as it seemed they could do anything they burnt out and faded away. Happily, this album will stand as a testament to what they were and will probably be looked back on as one of the best goth albums of its time. Relentlessly gung-ho, ‘Kiss The Girls’ packs one hell of a punch. It doesn’t make any secret of borrowing heavily from 1990s UK goth but, what it lacks in originality it makes up for in sheer quality; Marc and Louise’s soaring vocals acting like a velvet glove on this iron fist of a record.” – Robert Maisey

18) LORD OF THE LOST – ‘Fears’

Out Of Line

35 points

Fears album

“The debut album of German goth rockers Lord Of The Lost. The band is lead by charismatic front man Chris Harms whose wide range of vocal skills leave the band full of excitement and energy.” – Jason Hayselden

19) STAHLMANN – ‘Stahlmann’

AFM Records

30 points

Stahlmann album

“Even before their self-titled debut was released, Germany’s Stahlmann earned themselves the moniker of being the ‘new Rammstein’ in their native country. Now the album has been unleashed through AFM, everyone can hear those rumbustious, industrial metal anthems for themselves.” – Joy Lasher

20) INERTIA – ‘Deworlded’

Cryonica Music

28 points

Deworlded album

“…My 2 favourite songs are ‘Gone’ and ‘Capture’ and also ‘Feline Fantasy’. Bear in mind that I’m 80% goth so for me to love these tracks says what level the CD’s at – all of it’s superbly listenable to. I like those songs because there’s a slightly 80s retro feel about them. ‘Capture’ is so beautiful…” – Cassandra Munro

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