All Hallow’s Read: Give the gift of terror this Halloween

By on 28 October 2011

Acclaimed author and graphic novelist Neil “Scary Trousers” Gaiman [‘The Sandman‘, ‘Coraline‘, ‘American Gods‘] has announced what he hopes will become a new worldwide Halloween tradition in the form of ‘All Hallow’s Read’. The idea, and it is a simple idea, is to buy someone a scary book this Halloween. That’s it.
Gaiman outlined the original idea last year on his official blog HERE, and kicked off the campaign earlier this month with the following video explaining the idea in full.


Young or old, it doesn’t matter, buy someone you know a scary book (appropriate to their age) and give the gift of terror this Halloween. We at Dominion thought this was such a nice way to mark the ancient holiday that we thought we would share some of our favourite scary books with you by thirteen of our favourite authors.

‘Dracula’ – Bram Stoker
‘The Fog’ – James Herbert
‘The Shining’ – Stephen King
‘Frankenstein’ – Mary Shelley
‘Necronomicon’ – H.P. Lovecraft
‘Ritual’ – Graham Masterton
‘Carrion Comforts’ – Dan Simmons
‘Lost Souls’ – Poppy Z. Brite
‘Let The Right One In’ – John Ajvide Lindqvist
‘The Exorcist’ – William Peter Blatty
‘Rosemary’s Baby’ – Ira Levin
‘Books Of Blood’ – Clive Barker
‘World War Z’ – Max Brooks


But what are your favourite scary books? Leave your answers as a comment on our Facebook Page.

The ‘All Hallow’s Read’ website can be found HERE and features many more links and book ideas.
Neil Gaiman’s official website is available to view HERE.

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