Dominion Radio Chart for March 2011

By on 31 March 2011

This month’s chart has been probably been influenced by the release of several albums – or gaining airtime prior to the release date, along with pre-Whitby promo. The Hiram Key, Nosferatu, Vendemmian, Devilish Presley and Luxury Stranger have new, relatively new or upcoming releases.

Listen to:
Luxury Stranger – Committment & Discipline
Nosferatu – Wonderland
Vendemmian – One In A Million
The Hiram Key – The Map EP and Amerikafka, 
Devilish Presley – The Dark Triad (out May 9)

The most played bands in the Dominion Radio Chart are:

Luxury Stranger  6
The Hiram Key  5
Devilish Presley  5
Alice Moving Under Skies  5
Grooving In Green  4
Frankenstein  4
Bauhaus  4
Specimen  3
O Children  3
Nosferatu  3
Children On Stun  3
Vendemmian  2
The Chameleons  2
Rhombus  2
Rezurex  2
Pink Hearse  2
Misfits  2
Merciful Nuns  2
The March Violets  2
Inkubus Sukkubus  2
Gene Loves Jezebel  2
Fields Of The Nephilim  2
Ending The Vicious Cycle  2
Dyonisis   2
Dead Jivaro   2
Dark Shadows   2
The Damned   2
The Clan Of Xymox   2
Ankst  2
13 Candles  2

The most played songs are:

Alice Moving Under Skies – Emerald Goddess   2
Alice Moving Under Skies – Grit Girl   2
Children On Stun – Sidelined   2
Dark Shadows – Alien Movies   2
Dead Jivaro – Repeated Dream   2
Dyonisis – Of The Fear   2
Frankenstein – City Of People   2
Frankenstein – She Cast No Shadow   2
Luxury Stranger – Punishment   2
Nosferatu – Horror Holiday   2
O Children – Dead Disco Dancer   2
Pink Hearse – Zombie Rock N Roll   2
The Chameleons – In Shreds   2

If you would like sets from your radio shows to be included for thr Dominion Radio Chart, please join us in our gorgeous purple Dominion Forum and put them in the appropriate post. It only takes a few seconds to join, the more the merrier. The Forum is HERE

Dominion would like to thank:

Andy Grimly Fiendish Robinson for Blackout on Fylde FM
Piers Sixx for The Dark Frequency on Nightbreed Radio
Cassandra for Cassandra’s Castle for Nightbreed Radio
Wolfman for Monster Mash on Nightbreed Radio
Ghost for Charnel House Radio on Ace Radio

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