Dominion Radio Chart for June 2011

By on 1 July 2011

SONG PLAYS: (All other songs were played twice or once.)

The March Violets – A Little Punk Thing 5
The RaZor Skyline – Sahara 4
Clan Of Xymox – She Did Not Answer 3
DeathBoy – Atmosphere Imperative 3
Global Citizen – Broken Doll 3
Killing Joke – European Super State 3
Kirlian Camera – Nightglory 3
NightPorter – The Sickness 3
Pain – The Great Pretender 3
Strap On Halo – I Feel Like Yesterday 3
The Last Cry – To Dream Next To You 3
The March Violets – Road Of Bones 3


The March Violets   13
Clan Of Xymox   10
The RaZor Skyline   7
Strap On Halo   7
Killing Joke   6
DeathBoy   6
The Spiritual Bat   5
The Last Cry   5
Rubella Ballet   5
NightPorter   5
V2A   4
The Shanklin Freakshow   4
Speed Caravan   4
Rachel Stamp   4
Pain   4
New Zero God   4
Luxury Stranger   4
Dyonisis   4
Berlin Black   4
Atrium Animae   4
Alice Moving Under Skies   4
Adam And The Ants   4

In June’s Dominion Radio Chart, The March Violets are obviously still forging ahead in their bid for World Domination as they’ve topped the Chart for the second month in a row, apart from two old tracks (‘Walk Into The Sun’ and ‘Religious As Hell’) all plays have been from the ‘Love Will Kill You’ EP. There have been new album releases from Strap On Halo but tracks featured this time are from their ‘Cherry Flavoured Quick Fix’  EP and The Spiritual Bat, a relatively new single from The Last Cry and a brand new singles from Berlin Black and Luxury Stranger, both of which have been played. RaZor Skyline’s 2010 ‘Convergence’ EP has got renewed plays as has NightPorter’s older work, along with tracks from New Zero God’s ‘Fun Is A Four Letter Word’, also released in 2010 amongst other new stuff coming from bands.

In the rest of the list of 510 songs, The Sisters Of Mercy were played twice, along with many other golden oldies, but new releases starting to work their way up are tracks from Peter Murphy’s ‘Ninth’, Seventh Harmonic’s ‘Garden Of Dilmun’, Plastique Noir’s ‘Affects’, The Machine In The Garden’s ‘Before And After The Storm’ and Christine Plays Viola’s ‘Innocent Awareness’. So, it looks like the bands have been networking like mad and the internet Radio DJs have been stepping up to the mark. Long may it continue.

If you would like the sets from your radio show including in the Dominion Radio Chart, drop by the Dominion Forum and put them in Radio Sets for July 2011 and they’ll get in. If there’s a problem and you really and truly can’t go via the purple Forum, either get in touch with one of us or put the sets on Dominion Magazine’s Facebook page.

As ever, Dominion would like to thank the following DJs and stations for taking part and doing their best for all of the bands:

Snuff Monkey for ‘The Snuff Monkey Show ‘on Wicked Spin Radio and Deathrock Radio.
DJ Po for ‘Death & Resurrection’, Cruel Britannia for ‘The Other Fadeout’, Wolfman for ‘Monster Mash’, P. Emerson Williams for ‘Necro {Futurist} Transmission’, all on Nightbreed Radio.
DJ Zo Zo for ‘A Darker Shade of Pagan’ on Radio Pagan Network,
Ghost for ‘The Charnel House’ on Ace Radio
Kev 36663 for ‘Late Night Gothic’ on Ace Radio
Grimly Fiendish for ‘Blackout’ on the newly re-named Impact Radio. (was Fylde FM)


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