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By on 30 June 2011

Prolific writer and goth journo extraordinaire Mick Mercer always seems to have a project in the pipeline. Whether it be a compendium of gothic bands or an in depth look at the history of post-punk he just can’t seem to stop. His next release however is slightly different from previous works. The first of his novels was published this week and two more more fictional books are planned for the near future.

“I have done books – Gothic Rock Black Book, Gothic Rock, Hex Files, 21st Century Goth and, most recently, Music To Die For, but I am now going into the realms of self-publishing. Later this year I will publish the first of my Verdigris Burns, Music Detective series, and the first of a supernatural crime series, The Merstham Scarecrow, but that is for the future. Right now, this week has seen the publication of my debut novel ‘The Old Lady Who Invented Goth’.

‘The book looks at the life of Hermione M. Lee, a woman who lives through most of the 20th Century, having been born in 1897. What sets her apart is her desire to see darkness and death as positive inspirations in Art. In short, she wants a Goth scene. There isn’t anything like that around, so she tries, in her own small way, to make it happen. She becomes an adult just as World War is ending, and becomes a theatrical costume designer, she works for royalty, she gets into constant trouble with the law, has unexpected meetings with Winston Churchill, works as a secret agent in France during World War 2, writes novels, films, puts on plays and is regarded as a constant volatile outsider. In the fifties she looks on bemused as youth cults start forming, and suspects them all. Teddy boys, The Beatles, mods, rockers and punks all regret meeting her, as do most people in fact. Finally, in her eighties, the 80’s arrive, and she has another unusual experience’.

‘The first edition of the book is illustrated in an unusual way, with an avatar designed in Second Life being fused with real photos. I can promise you that you haven’t seen anything like this before’.

The book is 308 pages for only £7.99 and is only available through lulu.com. (you need to register with Lulu before you buy.) Mick says ‘but if buying by airmail ignore their express option as that involves courier rates, and stick with the economy version which is normal airmail. Within the UK or US stick with the cheapest postage option provided’.

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