Book Review : Carmilla Voiez ‘Starblood’

By on 15 August 2011

Carmilla Voiez

Debut novelist Carmilla Voiez is a veteran of the goth scene and her first novel ‘Starblood’ is a combination of horror, lust and sorcery set in a modern goth scene. The story centres around a young magick practising goth, Satori, who in his efforts to win his ex-girlfriend Star back releases a demon into the world. He must return the demon to where it came before it destroys everything he loves.

While the idea of a story about ancient rites, old gods and love lost set in modern day gothic culture has it’s appeals the plot never really gains momentum and in certain  points loses the reader through a confusing narrative structure – in some chapters it was unclear in what time frame events were taking place, or sometimes even where they were occuring.

The characters, while clearly created by someone with intimiate knowledge of the gothic lifestyle, were often cliched and needed more development to truly engage the reader. While references to specifics such as particular bands, song titles and clothing brands were no doubt included to add authenticity they come across as name-dropping. It is almost as if the cast had no aspect of themselves that weren’t gothic and it was irksome in places. It was refreshing however when Star insisted on calling Satori by his real name, Steve, much to his annoyance.

Voiez struggled to find a realistic balance of scene setting and exposition. Seemingly minor events, such as dressing for a night out, were given much more attention by comparison than significant plot developments, even character deaths, and some very serious and gruesome happenings were glossed over so quickly it was difficult to connect with the experience.

A follow-up to ‘Starblood’ is already in production and hopefully with the second offering, ‘Psychonaut’, Voiez will have ironed out the flaws and developed her ideas in order to really connect with the reader.

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